Better fish for the world.

Responsibly produced,
premium rainbow trout.

We believe in ecologically sustainable fish farming and clean food. That is why we farm rainbow trout with a modern water recirculation method in our production facility in Åland. Our land-based facility provides fish with an optimal, clean growth environment throughout the year.


Our fish is already among the world’s most sustainable fish products. In addition, it is top class in terms of nutritional values and structure.


We established Fifax in the year 2012. Since then, we have worked every day to be able to deliver better fish for the world.

Our objective is to gain a leading position in land-based fish production, so that our customers can enjoy locally produced, healthy and sustainable fish.

We produce premium rainbow trout with a modern land-based recirculating process, which seeks to minimize the impact on the environment. With this process, we can offer fish an ideal, clean growth environment. This way we can deliver tasty and antibiotic-free fish to our customers steadily throughout the year.

fish farming process


Our Åland-based production facility is based on the Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) principle for fish farming. The production facility, which employs around 30 people, is one of the largest in Northern Europe and can produce over 3,000 tonnes of fish per year.

The fish in our production facility live indoors in land-based large tanks, in which the circumstances are kept optimal for the fish’s growth and health. Thanks to the land-based tanks and a biologic cleansing method, this way of farming fish does not produce emissions into its surrounding sea areas in the same way as traditional methods.

In production, we use water from the Baltic Sea, which is circulated inside the facility again and again. The water is purified, and its oxygen levels and temperature are monitored continuously.

The RAS method, which has been developed over the course of decades, ensures the wellbeing and fast growth of the fish, as well as predictable and efficient year-round production. As a result, we can deliver fresh fish in the requested size and weight on every day of the year.



Locally produced food for a clean conscience

We have set extremely tight strategic environmental requirements for our production facility and process. Our aim is to keep the levels of eutrophicate emissions as low as possible.

We have invested significantly in our water purification system, which allows us to purify both input water and recycled water. Harmful materials in sea water are removed from the incoming water, and the water circulating inside the facility is purified continuously biologically. This way a healthy environment can be provided for the fish. At the same time, harmful materials are prevented from ending up to the sea together with the disposed water.

When taking our production volumes into account, our emission levels are at roughly 1/100th compared to traditional water farming methods. In addition, our production causes negligible levels of noise and odour nuisances.

The continually flowing water creates a stimulating environment, and in the purified water fish are rarely if ever impacted by harmful bacteria and viruses.

Our product


We deliver whole, head-on gutted and fresh rainbow trout. When selecting the fish, its size and weight are always picked according to customer need.

The high-quality fish farmed by Fifax is recognized by its solid structure and balanced fat consistency. Our protein-rich fish products include a bunch of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as antioxidants and vitamins.

Farmed in purified water, our fish are naturally healthy. That is why our products are free from antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals. We can proudly state that fish farmed by Fifax is very healthy and represents pure nutrition.

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Fifax employs around 30 people, from experts in biology to process technology professionals and fish farming experts, who have spent their whole lives around fish.
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