Published 10.5.2023 14:30

European fish health experts learned about Fifax’s farming methods and biosecurity arrangements.

Fifac Plc, News announcement, 3 May 2023

On Wednesday, 3 May 2023, around twenty fish health experts and officials from Northern Europe visited Fifax’s production facility in Eckerö to learn about the company’s fish farming methods and biosecurity arrangements.

As one of the first large-scale recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facilities in operation in Europe, Fifax’s facility offers a unique window into the practices of land-based fish farming. During the visit, the experts were updated on the company’s operations and goals, and learned extensively about Fifax’s farming methods and biosecurity arrangements.

At the same time, the experts received first-hand information about the world’s first virus sanitation project in a large-scale RAS facility. Some of the group also had the possibility to get a closer look at the controlled hatchery and fingerling unit, where the company’s first fingerling batch after the restart of farming operations is rapidly developing.

”Fifax is one of the pioneers in land-based fish farming in Europe. Our experience in implementing, developing, and overcoming challenges with the RAS system is valuable for the entire industry and therefore of interest to experts from many perspectives. The well-being of the fish is our top priority, and that is why hosting such a knowledgeable group was a very enjoyable task”, says CEO Samppa Ruohtula.

The visit was organized in collaboration with the regional government of Åland and the Finnish Food Authority and was part of the fish health experts’ broader trip to Åland.