Published 30.11.2021 12:00

Fifax’s customer deliveries reached a milestone of one million kilos of gutted fish

Fifax, a forerunner in sustainable fish farming, reached an important milestone on the 29th of November 2021 when we delivered the millionth kilo of sustainably farmed, gutted rainbow trout to our customers from our Eckerö production facility, counted cumulatively from the start of our operations.

Fifax’s production facility, located in Eckerö on Åland Islands, is one of the largest operational land-based fish farming facilities in Northern Europe. The facility highlights Fifax’s unique position as a forerunner in sustainable fish farming. Reaching the milestone of delivering one million kilos, in cumulative terms, confirms the operative readiness of the facility and its employees, in addition to the market need for sustainably produced fish.

“It is often said that the first million is the hardest. Reaching the million-kilo milestone is a great achievement for all of us, and I am very proud of the whole Fifax team. The demand for sustainably farmed fish continues its strong growth. To meet this demand, we continue to ramp-up our production and invest in increasing our production capacity even further”, says Samppa Ruohtula, the CEO of Fifax.

Rainbow trout farmed with Fifax’s ultra-intensive implementation of RAS technology, provides an environmentally friendly production alternative to conventional fish farming methods. Fish farmed by Fifax does not contain antibiotics or other chemicals, and it has an exceptional texture with a firm yet tender structure. Fifax supplies its customers with fresh rainbow trout in whole, gutted form.

For more information:
Samppa Ruohtula
CEO, Fifax Plc
+358 40 559 8812

Fifax’s vision is to be a forerunner in large-scale sustainable fish farming with a minimal impact on the environment, so that locally and sustainably produced fish can be enjoyed by its customers all year round.

Established in 2012, Fifax utilizes ultra-intensive Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology based on the principle of an almost completely closed water circulation within the facility, where the fish live indoors in large onshore pools. Indoor pools provide more safeguards against external factors compared to traditional fish farming in water bodies.

The end product (adult slaughtered fish), is transported with the help of logistics partners to fish processors and wholesalers in Åland, mainland Finland and Sweden.

Fifax Plc’s shares have been listed in Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland.