A pioneer in responsible fish farming

Our vision is to be a forerunner in large-scale sustainable fish farming with minimal impact on the environment, so that our customers can enjoy locally and sustainably produced fish all year round. To achieve this goal, we continuously strive to be at the forefront of our industry by employing the latest technology.

We use our ultra-intensive implementation of the recirculating aquaculture method (RAS) in our production, which is designed to significantly reduce environmental impact compared to traditional fish-farming methods and conventional RAS implementations. Our production is based on an almost completely closed-loop circulation of water, where the fish live indoors in a large land-based tanks. This provides significantly better protection from external factors than, for example, cages at sea, and the method allows us to provide fish with a meticulously controlled growth environment in clean water all year round. We do not accept the use of antibiotics to promote growth. Read more about the occasions when antibiotics have been used here. As a result, we can offer our customers fresh and healthy fish year-round.

In our production, we use filtered water pumped from the Baltic Sea, which is continuously purified and recycled in the RAS system. Using this method, we aim to maintain a clean growth environment for fish and to minimise the negative environmental impact of our production.

The environmental impact of fish farming based on RAS technology generally remains small, as efficient water circulation allows for minimal clean-water consumption. In addition, water fed to our production facility is filtered and treated before it enters the system, and its quality is regularly monitored. Discharges to the sea are almost completely free from waste and harmful substances.

Our production facility in Eckerö, Åland Islands is ASC certified since 2022.

Fish farming on dry land

Our production plant in Åland utilises ultra-intensive RAS technology in fish farming. The plant employs around 30 people and is one of the largest already operational land-based facilities in northern Europe, capable of producing more than 3,000 tonnes of fish a year.

The fish in our production facility live indoors in large land-based tanks where optimal conditions are maintained for the growth and health of the fish. Due to the land-based tanks and biological water treatment, our facility does not burden the sea with emissions in the same way as conventional fish farming methods.

Highly developed RAS technology supports fish welfare and rapid growth and enables continuous, reliable, and efficient production. As a result, we can supply our customers with fresh, responsibly produced fish every day of the year.

The whole production chain under one roof

Our operations cover the entire production chain of rainbow-trout farming. The fish are hatched, raised, cleaned, and processed under the same roof in our production facility. This covers the entire life cycle and production cycle of rainbow trout, from incubation and hatching of eggs to production and processing. The entire production chain is based on an almost completely closed cycle in the same production plant, where external factors such as weather conditions, climate, environmental factors and water disturbances have only a limited impact. The end product is fish ready for customer deliveries.