Fifax’s RAS technology is based on an almost completely closed water circulation within the facility, where fish live indoors in large tanks. This provides more safeguards against external factors compared to traditional fish farming in water bodies. Thank to this method, Fifax is able to provide the fish with a strictly controlled habitat in clean water all year round. The water sanitation process applied by Fifax offers barriers against contaminants and pathogens. As a result, Fifax seeks to use antibiotics only occasionally in a targeted and limited manner to counteract rare cases where diseases or parasites are detected in individual fish or batches in exceptional situations. The end product delivered to customers is free of antibiotics.

On this page, we publish the specific instances when antibiotics have been used. The information given includes time, the average size of the fish in the treated tanks, the amount of antibiotical feed given, and the corresponding amount of antibiotics distributed in the particular treatment.

Target 2023: 0kg

Target 2022: 0kg

Result 2022: 1,3kg active substance in total of Aquaflor vet administered in four treatments to small fish (<10g in size) for Vibrio anguillarum bacterial infection, according to veterinary prescription.