Fresh and healthy fish

In food production, taste matters. Our objective is to grow high-quality rainbow trout for customers using an advanced recirculating water method. Fish that is naturally grown simply tastes delicious. We do not accept the use of antibiotics to promote growth, we place our trust in clean and qualitative feed and a healthy farming environment. For this reason, product flavour and sustainable production go hand-in-hand. We produce rainbow trout entirely on our own premises throughout its lifecycle – from roe to gutted fish.

The health and taste of fish are the essence of farming. Indoor tanks provide significantly better protection for fish farming from external factors than, for example, sea cages. Our rainbow trout is raised in a controlled growth environment where it is able to swim against the current in purified and recycled water every day of the year. This positively affects the quality of the rainbow trout – resulting in high-quality fish of exceptional texture, with firm yet tender structure.

Rainbow trout are hatched, farmed, slaughtered, and processed under the same roof in Åland. The end product is fresh, customer-ready rainbow trout. Fish from our plant is delivered to our customers mainly in mainland Finland and Sweden.

We supply fresh rainbow trout in whole, gutted form. The fish are sorted according to size and weighed and delivered to customers to suit their needs.

If you want to hear more about our quality products, please contact info@fifax.ax